Myanmar Cute Model, Wut Hmone Shwe Yee's Magazine Cover Making Video

Myanmar Cute Model Girl, Wut Hmone Shwe Yee's beautiful style Photos for Myanmar People Magazine and Cover Making Video. Wut Hmone said that she will continue her modeling and TV commercial star career at the moment, but she will not star for any video and film because her parents do not allow her to do as an actress at the moment.


  1. she is such a pretty , cute n innocent gal.. i love her so much.. i don't understand why pl think thin zar wint kyae, moe hay ko , melody n aye myat thu r pretty.. i don't see any point of beauty.. they r so TAW GUID GYI MYAR.. with too much make up n look like indian women..

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  3. What are u talking about? Why are u saying that Moe hay ko and melody are ugly and they are not as pretty as wit mhone shwe yee? Don’t u have eyes? Have you ever looked at her eyes which are scary and ugly? Have u also seen her outside and how her body structure looks like? Her body is like a girl from a primary school. The body structure of a girl should be perfect to be an attractive girl. Don’t forget that. Her height is like a child and I only seen her as a child and not as an attractive girl. She may be cute from your point of view but not for us. So please don’t try to criticize other actress and models without knowing the truth of your favorite ugly actress ( Ma Chwel Pyit as well as Ma Pal Myar). You said that Moe hay ko and others are TAW GUID GYI MYAR! How could u say that??? Don’t u see how moe hay ko can wear trendy clothes and how stylish she is???Your favorite is wearing like Mhuu Kyo Girl and her skin is extra white like she is suffering Tha Myin Phyu Yaw Gar!!!!Then Wit Mhone Shwe Yee is so so pal myar and I hate her voice so so much.

  4. Hey ladies don't attack any of the actress ok?
    Because someone is attacking my favorite one ( Wut Mhone Shwe Yee). What ever they look like but they are one from hundreds. Think about can you be like them?
    Is having a white skin is wrong? I too have a white skin . Is it wrong? Anyway i will be proud of myself for having it huh. If you have better show up your photo on the web page hey ladies.
    I like a lady who looks like a child (Wut Mhone Shwe Yee ) . Now , Korean actress are like that as well. Not childish guide ok?
    be careful ladies , don't destroy the things that you are not able to have.
    hae hae hae

  5. all r bastard . but honestly myanmar sexy and cute r not wit moun shwe yee .she look like disease in the korean cancer and so bony . eain dra kyaw sin is the best actually . i really sorry for wut hmone shwe yee .she should know that all of the girls r beautiful as well .don't be so proud of her white skin this is not essential for myanmar audience.Now, all over the world , all of the sexy actress want to have brown skin and have a nice attractive body shape . Anyway , if u like child face , u should buy some wall babe photo and hang it on the wall .lol ;p make up with babe face ....what the hell .i really shame of ur news.sorry for writing this

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  7. monmon n trisha ,,,hey ,, u guys r correct... :D

  8. Wut Hmone Shwe Yee is beautiful in Fashion Way. That means if she were to star in a movie, she would not look as good. She is thin, has pale and beautiful complexion, looks like a preschool girl. That's what Western (American) Fashion World chooses. Girls and Guys, Haven't you seen Tyra Banks' show and other American Fashion Live Show? That's how Fashion Models are--just like Wut Hmone Shwe Yee is. Haven't you attended one of the live Fashion Shows and have seen live models from Yves Saint Laurent, True Religion, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Ann Taylor, Burberry, D& G, Dillard's, Except, Wut Hmone Shwe Yee's facial features are not that as pretty as to quality for the American Fashin World nor top ASIAN Fashion World, but she maybe well fitted in, yes, scarce beauty, poverty stricken, Third World Country or Developing Country.
    Moe Hay Ko, Aye Myat Thu, Melody, nor any other actreeses in Burma are not even as beautiful and as pretty as a single cortisan or a single college girl in USA SCHOOLS, Stanford, Princeton, UCLA, or even some Cal States. It's funny, but it's the reality, folks!
    Otherwise, wihout this information, you will be so narro-minded. Whoever writing above is getting paid by either Burmese clebrity party or Burmese celebrity themselves, You guys are not competing to win Oscar and you guys don't have beauty, educational, psychosocial quality to win Oscar Award. Okay?
    Life is fair.

  9. Do you know why Nicole Kidman is still starring in movies? She is not any yonguer but has younger appearences, white complexion, thin, and tall. The Western Fashion world and Western film needs Tall, Thin, Youtful appearences, Pale, Silky Soft Complexion

  10. So No actress and no fashion model in Myanmar are beautiful and Burmese in Myanmar are being fooled by those Burmese celebrities and models.
    The reality is that when you watchig movies you are wasting your own money to buy happiness or sadness or inspiration or motivation, all of which must come from within and can never be bought.
    The truth about American Magazines is that they give you knowledge, education, and true beauty which are truly inspiring. That's very differeint from seeing Burmese Celebrities (Burmese fashion girl, Burmese movie stars).

  11. i liked so much to monmon and trisha's comments. It was so true. I agree with you two.



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