Myanmar Funny Cartoons: On Current Political Situation

လက္ရွိ ျမန္မာ့ ႏိုင္ငံေရး အေျခအေနအေပၚ ကာတြန္းဆရာရဲ့ အျမင္
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  1. u mean dildo is what you are looking for? LOL.

  2. u should ask ur mother that king of question first!

  3. even the child know about that!!!! lol..:-)

  4. oh o. lol. don't u have mother too, my maria, mi amor? every child has a mother and you do too. how did they make you . lol@@@@!!!! LOL. :)

  5. hey htet tay za,

    I think u fuck ur mother, thats why u have shit brain. You are show off a u and ur father dick than shwe ball everynight ..thats why u got those cars. Don't show off nobody interested, instead they want to fuck u.///////......because those things are not from ur ability but from the ppl of burma's blood....
    don't talk bullshit.....if u have shame u better hang urself.

    You eat,sleep and sex like dog....fucking idiot.....

  6. Hi,
    Htet Tay Za

    Why are you so much afraid of Daw Su?
    You are way off base.
    Survive Satisfactorily yourself, OK!

  7. i think HTet Tay Za have mentally problem..
    let pray for him... very poor guy.....
    Htet Tay Za.... "be a good person....
    we care about you... don't feel so sad...
    i know you are not a bad guy... don't act like crazy man..ok... i pray for you".....

  8. if u don't have cartoons can't understand it.........

  9. Htet tay za,

    u can imagine yourself the richest man in the world before u serve the junta's needs.

    But soon u will come to know that u r just a humble servant to fulfill the master's desire.

    u can keep dreaming of these in your neverland before the junta's rage comes upon u.

    I know Michale Jackson will be glad to see you there for sure.
    May be u two can share a room in your neverland and crave together a fantasy of ur very ferrari thing.

    But The Lady will not get hurt from your stupid words

    Farewell, Dreamer...
    Good luck..!

  10. ရုိင္းတာခ်င္းမ်ား ဒီဆိုဒ္မွာ လာျပိဳင္ေနၾကသလား ထင္ရတယ္ဗ်ာ
    ဖတ္ရတာေတာင္ နင္တယ္ :)

  11. Good shot...! kevin. That guy is a sex-paranoid.
    Like Michale jackson. His family lost their business coz of U.S sanction on military gov.
    Now he is deep down in financial hardship and poverty. what a pity!

    သနားစရာ ဆင္း၇ဲသားေလး ေမာင္ေတဇ

    Akri ဒီလိုသြားမေျပာနဲ႕ေလ အဲ့လိုေျပာရင္ သူ႕အၾကိဳက္ျဖစ္သြားမွာေပါ့
    ေနာက္က်မွ ေမာင္မျပန္နိုင္တယ္ျဖစ္ရင္ သန္းေရြကိုယ္တိုင္လိုက္ေခၚေနရမယ္

  12. taw kya par tot / taung pan par tal / d lo yine yin sine sine tway ma pyaw kya par nat lar fri tway yal / koet standard lal touch par tal / bar loet ko 1 lat tu 1 lat sal nay kya tar lal :( i really shy your comments :( sorry if i wrong :(

  13. don't u shy htet tay za huh ?
    u are pride with your father treasure what is your ability ? u spend your good time like u use crazy time . i really shy for u .if u visit or go to other country . don't say YOU ARE BURMESE OK? because when they see u , they will look down our country of u . if u are buddhism , i think u will believe buddhism follow :) We are not proud of your dogs group . i don't wanna rude .i wanna give advice for u . if u go to outside , u should get security . if u say like that , your alive is not long ok ? thx u very much htet tay za if u read my cooment :)

  14. Hei U htet tay za
    YOu must be careful your word. How can you say su kyi makes sanctions to our country! Gives first to her the power just the moment Okay!
    A lot of ppl stay by Daw Su because we don't need the military group. YOu must be understand now. Not only burmese ppl hate to your grandfar' groups but also other country.
    YOu may understand one day I hope that ..........

  15. Your great mother for the Myanmar people n top of the world.

  16. Htet tay za,.... FUCK U....ass BITCH....



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