Video: Argument Bet. Wine Su Khine Thein & Hein Wai Yan's Dad

ေရပန္းစား ေနတဲ့ ၀ိုင္းစုခိုင္သိမ္း နဲ႔ ဟိန္းေ၀ယံရဲ့ ဖခင္ၾကီးတို႔ အၾကား ပဋိပကၡ ဖုန္းေျပာသံ
Youtube ပရိသတ္ေတြ အတြက္ ဗီဒီယို
Here is the Audio File of the Argument between Popular Singer Wyne Su Khine Thein and Actor Hein Wai Yan's Daddy which was spreaded on Internet last two or three days. This audio file was recorded from phone conversation between Wyne Su Khine Thein and Hein Wai Yan's Father after Hein Wai Yan eloped with Wyne Su Khine Thein. This is the re-produced video version. Watch Video !!!

After Listening to This Phone Conversation, How do you think on Hein Wai Yan ???

If you have any other comment on Actor Hein Wai Yan, Please Write in Comment Box !


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