Photos: Former Miss ASEAN Ei Yupar Win’s Wedding

အာဆီယံအလွမယ္ အိရူပါ၀င္း ရဲ့ လက္ထပ္ မဂၤလာပြဲ
Former Miss ASEAN Ei Yupar Win and Ye Htut held their wedding ceremony on 18 June 2011 at Sedona Hotel, Yangon. Ei Yupar Win will move to the United States of America where her husband lives. She won “Miss Talent” Award in Miss ASEAN Beauty Contest which was held in 2005.


  1. ေကာင္မကလဲ အေမရိကားဆိုုတာနဲ႔ ဒီလိုုဝက္ရုုပ္ ဝက္နုုတ္ခမ္းနဲ႔ေကာင္ကိုု ယူရတယ္လိုု႔..

  2. shout part ka ayay kya nay lo phit mhar pop,, yangon ka kaung ma thway ka ,, use so ayen htin kyi tar ,,, US,, mhar thu taung sar lote nay tar bal thu ma ,,, ma thi buu ,,, shout htin ma kyi buu ,, fuck off...

  3. Not everyone in US is blue labor worker. There are rich and very educated people from Burma in US. You should look at their wedding news in Rays of Light journal. Her husband is a pharmacist (doctorate degree) and has his own properties (more than one) in LA. He has very cute face though he gained weight after high school. They're also same age and what is the loss for Ei Yupar Win???

  4. congratulation girl.....don't care what ppl said. keep going on ur way....i believe u two married with love...God Bless U both.



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