Nyi Nyi Tun Claim Ownership of Moe Hay Ko's House

ေအာက္တိုဘာလ (၃၁) ရက္ေန႔ထုတ္သတင္းစာမွာ ပါလာတဲ့
 မိုးေဟကိုရဲ့ ေနအိပ္ပိုင္ဆိုင္မွဳနဲ႔ ပတ္သတ္ျပီး ညီညီထြန္းရဲ့ ေၾကျငာခ်က္

Nyi Nyi Tun, who is getting well-known as a boyfriend of Super Model Moe Hay Ko, made an announcement on the Mirror Newspaper, on 31st of October 2012,  concerning with the Ownership of Moe Hay Ko's House, No: 74/B, Than Lwin Street, in Yangon. According to the announcement, Nyi Nyi Tun and Aye Aye Khine, who is possible to be Super Model Moe Hay Ko, got marriage since last 4 years ago, April 16, 2008. Nyi Nyi Tun bought this house for Aye Aye Khine on July 2008 with the name of Aye Aye Khine. Now, Nyi Nyi Tun claimed not to re-sell, rent, transfer the ownership of this house without his permission because of their un-stable relationship.

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