Moe Yu San Celebrated 25th Birthday Party at Sule Shangri-La Hotel

Moe Yu San, well-known actress & model, celebrated her 25th Birthday Party at Sule Shangri-La Hotel in Yangon on July 11, 2016. Fans, friends and family members of Moe Yu San attended at the birthday party. Swan Moe Thu, Boyfriend of Moe Yu San, proposed her for marriage at the party. Moe Yu San and Swan Moe Thu will get marriage in October 2016. Photos by Wai Yan

ဇူလိုင္လ (၁၁) ရက္ေန႔က ရန္ကုန္၊ Sule Shangri-La Hotel မွာ က်င္းပခဲ့တဲ့ သရုပ္ေဆာင္ မုိးယုစံ ရဲ့ အသက္ (၂၅) ႏွစ္ျပည့္ ေမြးေန႔ပြဲ

Video: Moe Yu San's 25th Birthday Party!


  1. Nice post, birthday celebrating photos are really fantastic,costumes are wonderful good looking.Thank you for sharing birthday special photos. I am working in billboard advertising, it is growing in day by day.

  2. She is looking really gorgeous in her dress. The dress was perfect for the birthday party. Hope all of you had nice time there. Belated wishes anyway :).



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